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The ONE Body Part You Must Work Every Day For Maximal Weight Loss

What’s the body part that you need to condition for the most effective and sustainable weight loss? It’s not your quads (leg) or lats (back).  It’s actually not a muscle, but a small organ that’s infinitely more powerful than both these muscle groups – yup, you guessed it, your brain. There are hundreds of weight […]


Accelerate Your Weight Loss With These 3 Self-Love Tips

Most of us think that if we feel disgusted about where our bodies are at, we can criticize ourselves into the perfect figure. Through my own personal weight loss journey I discovered that when you love yourself into the body you desire, you will get there faster. How so? Self -love makes you want to […]

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Speciality: Healthy lifestyle and eating habits transformation Bio: Maricarmen Grisolia (La Chica de la Dieta) is a scientist, an educator and a coach, but overall she’s a mom, a wife, a sister and a friend. Her first profession is as a chemist with a PhD in Theoretical Physical Chemistry. She’s also an Education Specialist in […]

Sarah Cooper

Weight Loss As Self-Love, Not Punishment!

Does this sound familiar? “I’m fat. I suck. I just can’t win! I HATE myself!” “I’m struggling to fit into my clothes and yet all I can think about is food!” “People think I’m the happy funny fat girl, but the reality is far from it!” This was my story too. I’d spent years, from a […]

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Speciality: Sugar Free Coach Bio: After many years battling with her health and digestion, Dani was at her wits end. She had tried everything from macrobiotic, to raw vegan, to the master cleanse, with still no signs of improvement. She was forced to do the research herself to discover how to single handedly rebuild her […]



Speciality: Sugar Cravings Expert and Stubborn Weight Loss Bio: Jenn Edden is a board certified health coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is nationally certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Jenn specializes in helping women entrepreneurs with sugar addiction and stubborn weight loss. Jenn is also a business coach […]

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How To Break Free From Emotional Eating

It’s a feeling of need that comes over me spontaneously. One minute I’m completely in the task I’m doing and then a second later my mind ticks over and all I can think about is getting that fix. Before I know it I’m standing in my kitchen going through the cupboards trying to find anything that […]

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Speciality: Women’s Wellness – mindset Bio: Erin Reghenzani is a Coach and writer inspiring young women worldwide to put down the vodka-soda-lime and start living a more abundant life full of love, wealth and happiness. Erin speaks honestly of her experiences and encourages women to love themselves, their bodies and their lives more than anything […]

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Speciality: Weight loss, emotional eating Bio: Cecile Weigle is a Holistic Health Coach on a mission to help women lose weight without dieting, feel happier and have more fun. Through uncovering foods that help them thrive, radical self care, healthy lifestyle changes and spirited personal development, she helps her clients fall crazy-in-love with their body […]

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3 Tips To Lose Weight Without Willpower

Have you been dieting for years, only to put on more and more weight? Are you tired of trying to use willpower to lose weight? I can relate! I used to always be on a diet; either on or off the wagon. I was obsessed with losing weight and having the perfect diet and the […]

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FEATURED COACH: Loren Manheimer

Speciality: Extreme weight loss – over 100 pounds Bio: Loren has personally lost over 200 pounds (not a typo – 200) without surgery. She improved her body image and self-esteem and made many lifestyle changes in order to get her body and mind in a healthier state that allowed her to release the excess and […]


FEATURED COACH: Sabrina Faith Weisbrod

Speciality: Holistic Health Coach and Natural Beauty Expert Bio: Sabrina Faith Weisbrod-Perl is a native New Yorker from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. After having her 2 boys, she fell in love with the holistic lifestyle and nutrition and became a Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She loves educating people […]


FEATURED COACH: Kristen Kancler

Speciality: Emotional Eating Bio: Kristen Anne Kancler is an Emotional Eating Expert and the founder of “Your Delicious Life,” a one-on-one program for women who daydream about how fabulous they’ll feel once they get their eating under control… at the same time that they’re sitting at home on the couch with a pint of ice […]

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FEATURED COACH: Shannon Lagasse

Speciality: Emotional eating Bio: Shannon Lagasse, certified holistic health coach and emotional eating expert, helps women struggling with emotional eating and yo-yo dieting to ditch the diet, love their body, and lose weight. By coming from a focus on pleasure and getting to the heart of their issues, Shannon’s clients are empowered to find freedom […]

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Speciality: Educating others on developing healthy habits for life Bio: Emily Nelson, RN, CNOR, has had many years learning about how the mind/body connection works through her years of working as a RN – but more importantly – by dealing with her real life struggles with weight. She lost over 90 pounds of excess weight […]

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How I Lost 90 lbs And Kept It Off For 5 Years

Let’s be honest.  You don’t gain pounds and pounds of extra weight without having something serious going on in your head. . .  . How do I know this? Because that’s exactly how I landed myself with my own quick and massive 90 lb. weight gain. Emotional eating is a tricky beast that messes with your […]



Bio: Trisha Mandes, MS, MPHN is the owner of Regenerative Health Services. She specializes in helping people achieve permanent weight-loss and medication reduction without restricting calories or portion sizes through evidence-based, plant-based nutrition. Trisha received her Master’s in Public Health Nutrition from the University of Eastern Finland and has trained and worked with Dr. John […]



Interview: Coming soon. Articles: Coming soon. Speciality: Weight loss, clean eating transformations Bio: Cindy Santa Ana is a Board Certified Health Coach specializing in weight loss, clean eating and thyroid disease. She works with clients to help them reach their ideal weight, increase their energy, and live a healthy balanced lifestyle while juggling their career […]

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FEATURED COACH: Silvana Perelli

Bio: Silvana is a Life Stylist & Emotional Eating Weight Loss Coach. She helps women create bodies and lives they adore by teaching them The Art of Being a Woman™ and works with women around the country who struggle with emotional eating/weight loss and provides feminine inspiration via Pinterest and Instagram. Her website serves as […]

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How I Kicked The Sugar Habit For Good

Before I found out what I’m about to share with you, I had no idea I was a sugar addict. I was constantly snacking on healthy whole grain bread in an attempt to keep my energy levels up, I was gaining weight uncontrollably, and I found myself feeling shaky and faint when I went without […]


Do You Have One of These 3 Major Weight Loss Blocks?

When I’m working with a new client one of the first things we look at is what’s blocking her from losing weight. There are hundreds of different weight loss blocks, and every person who struggles with their weight has their own personal combination of them. Below, I’ve put together a list of the top 3 weight loss […]

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5 Sustainable Weight Loss Tricks That WORK

However much you weigh right now is a result of the eating habits you’ve had over the past year or so in combination with your unique genetic blueprint. Note: I say ‘eating habits’ and not ‘exercise habits’ because despite what gyms and personal trainers would have you believe, exercise ultimately has very little impact on […]